Minutes of the board of Directors
29th January 2005, Manchester, UK

Present: Ligia Ribiero (Chair), Yves Epelboin, Bas Cordewener, Kristel Sarlin, Andrew Rothery, Viljan Mahic, Jens Dorup, Jean-Francois Desnos, Mark Clark

Apologies for absence: Martin Price, Ivan Vrana

1. EUNIS 2005

Mark Clark (EUNIS2005 Conference Chair) presented a full report on progress with organising the EUNIS2005 Conference at Manchester University. Board members were pleased with the arrangements proposed and the facilities to be made available. A number of specific notes and actions for the Board arose:

  1. The deadline for submission of proposals for papers will be extended to 28 February 2005.
  2. Mark suggested that e-learning seminars organised by the E-Learning Taskforce might be run during the “birds of a feather” sessions 5:00 – 6:30. However, if other times were needed Mark offered to try to organise this.
  3. The Board agreed to hold the General Assembly Tuesday 21 June early evening and the Council Wednesday 22 June early evening. The Board meeting will be held Tuesday morning
  4. Papers will be maintained on the EUNIS2005 web site for two years. EUNIS would maintain an archive copy on its web site indefinitely.

The Board thanked Mark for the impressive and generous way he is organising EUNIS2005.

2. EUA Meeting

Ligia reported that EUNIS is included in a project involving several European organisations which deals with the implications of the Bologna process for information systems. Martin Price is currently drafting a paper which will be sent to Board members for comment. In addition, Ligia suggested that Yves contacted the HUMANE network as they could help promote the EUNIS rector’s event.

3. Gartner agreement

The Board agreed the latest draft (Attachments 1-3). It noted the reciprocal “free conference attendance” (not including travel costs). The Board also approved the Marketing Agreement. The Board suggested that Ligia and other Board members should contact Mike Zastrochy to discuss the implications of the agreement for his role.

4. TERENA agreement

The Board considered a draft agreement for co-operative working with TERENA, and discussed the possible interaction between the two organisations. Board members felt that it was very important to identify joint projects in the area of authentication (e.g. EduPerson, Shibboleth) and middleware. It was noted that JISC (UK) and SURFNET (NL) both work directly with TERENA on technical issues in networking. The Board agreed that EUNIS could provide TERENA with contacts with the “user community” in universities. The Board suggested further discussions with TEREN

5. Other Co-operation Agreements

EKMA – Andrew and Bas reported the discussions which took place at the EKMA Board meeting in November 2004. The Board felt that a formal agreement of co-operation was not required, but agreed to promote the EASA Awards. The Board agreed that EKMA/EASA should be invited to present its work at EUNIS2005 and perhaps one of its principal directors could give a keynote talk.

Microsoft – Jens reported his attendance at the Microsoft IT Forum.

6. E-Learning Task Force

The Board considered a report from Andrew, Bas and Jens, and approved the projects proposed. The three members of the Task Force would organise the projects, but with a principal leader in each case:

  1. EUNIS Snapshots – Jens agreed to organise this project and arrange a small face-to-face workshop if needed. The Board agreed that a “snapshot” is not a survey and is not intended to provide data for quantitative analysis. “Snapshots” should be structured information, one or two pages, giving a picture of how e-learning is organised within the faculty/institution and giving contact details. Jens would aim to have a web system containing “snapshots” of EUNIS university members by June 2005.
  2. VLE of the future – Andrew agreed to organise this project. The goal is to publish a collection of essays/articles in 2006. A seminar will be held at EUNIS2005 as part of the information-gathering process; Andrew will arrange a small face-to-face workshop to plan the seminar if necessary.
  3. Survey of Surveys – Bas aged to organise this project. Part of the project will be a seminar at EUNIS2005; Bas will arrange a small face-to-face workshop to plan the seminar if necessary.

The Board also agreed with a proposal to invite colleagues from the EUNIS university members to run projects. The Task Force should, in consultation with the Board, offer “direction” for the themes of the projects. EUNIS could offer its “name”, its contacts network and help with funding or sponsorship. EUNIS would gain an increased number of activities and more opportunities for members to participate and communicate, thus fulfilling its mission.

7. EUNIS Administration
  1. Recruitment – the Board discussed ways of providing membership benefits to improve recruitment of new members and to encourage membership renewals.
  2. Accounts – Jean Francois presented a summary of spending to date.
  3. Elections – the Board decided that the election of Council and Board members would be held face-to-face in Manchester. Council members will be elected at the General Assembly meeting and Board members at the Council meeting. GA members must be given the opportunity to decide if they wish to be candidates for election to the Council. Viljan and Ligia offered to write an explanation of the procedure which will be sent by email to GA members before the conference.
  4. Executive Secretary – the Board expressed its wish for Martin Price to act as Executive Secretary for EUNIS. However, the Board requested that Ligia and Jean-Francois agree to the financial implications before formally agreeing. The Board asked Andrew to contact Martin and prepare a proposal giving an estimate of costs such as attendance expenses, fees and support.
8. Rectors’ seminar

The Board received a report from Yves outlining arrangements for the seminar to be held in November 2005. The Board approved the arrangements set out in the paper and noted that sponsorship would be invited for a group of sponsors. Yves was asked to set a date and also to write to corporate members to invite them to be sponsors.

9. EUNIS Elite Award

The Board decided to continue with the award for one more year (2005) but to review the award and decide whether or not to offer it in the future, or to change its nature. The review would be carried out during the summer of 2005.

Ligia and Yves agreed to check the web site and set new dates for deadlines for submission. They also agreed to inform members by email and to provide Mark with a url so the Elite Award can be linked from the Conference Web Site.

10. EUNIS Web Site

Yves reported that the web system in use now allows general users to maintain web areas and this will make web site management easier. Yves proposed that the web site be redesigned and the Board agreed.


Recorded by A.R.. 2.02.2005