Minutes of the board of Directors

9th June 2001, Prague, Czech Republic

Present: Jens Dërup, Yves Epelboin, Jan von Knop, Ligia Ribeiro, Kristel Sarlin and Ivan Vrana

Apology: Jean-Francois Desnos

Eunis President Prof. Jan von Knop opened the meeting, he mentioned its strategic importance since it starts the working term of the newly elected Board of Directors (BoD). He invited all members of the BoD for a fruitful cooperation in completing tasks given by the General Assembly. Then the meeting proceeded according to a preliminary prepared and approved programme.

1. Report about the EUNIS work and Progress

    • Minutes of the General Assembly in Berlin 28. March 2001.
    • Corporate Members Seminar: Members of the BoD agreed about the  usefulness of the Corporate members seminar and Eunis will organize it also this  year. The programme, date, place and form still should be determined.
    • Congress in Berlin: Eunis BoD expressed its thanks to all organisers who participated and contributed to its success.

2. Member Services:

    • Prof. B. Jeren, rector of the University of Zagreb, Croatia, proposed Prof. Dr. Ante Graovac as the second Croatian representative to Eunis General Assembly (besides the current delegate Prof. Dr. Leo Klasnic). The BoD approved this nomination.
    • The rector of the State Academy of Information System Management, St. Petersburg, Russia,  proposed Prof. Dr. Anatoly Lifshits as the second Russian representative to Eunis General Assembly who will be responsible to organize Eunis activities in the NW region of Russia. The BoD accepted and approved this proposal. The BoD entrusts the Eunis secretary Ivan Vrana to inform Alexander Sandalov and Natalia Sukhareva about the second Russian representative from St. Petersburg and to ask them to nominate only  one Russian delegate from the Moscow region .
    • Representatives from Romania expressed their willingness to join Eunis. Yves Epelboin, the former Eunis president, informed them of how to proceed in this issue. Further negotiations are expected.

3. Organisational Issues

The BoD will try a videoconferencing technology for communication within the BoD. Jean-Francois Desnos and Jens Dërup will test the proper technology and recommend a suitable technical arrangement. Then a trial videoconferencing will start.

4. Future Goals on Objectives

EUNIS Publishing House : The BoD appreciates the initiative by Vilian Mahnic and asks him to make a proposal for Eunis Editorial Board and to submit it for approval.

5. Task Forces

Different task forces under the supervision of one of the members of the BoD will be organized :

    • Member services: Yves Epelboin
    • Distributed learning: Jan Knop, Kristel Sarlin and Ivan Vrana
    • Information management: Jean-François Desnos

Other will be organized later.

6. EUNIS Web/Portal-Services

Yves Epelboin will prepare a new design for the server.


Recorded by Ivan Vrana