Minutes of the Council
25th June 2009, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The EUNIS President, Jean-François Desnos (France) took the chair. The following Council members were present:

Pierre Ageron (France)
Paulo Alves (Portugal)
Pascal Bachmann (Switzerland)
Uwe Blotevogel (Germany)
Gill Ferrell (UK)
Javier Franco (Spain)
Orla Hoppe (Denmark)
Grzegorz Jarzembski (Poland)
Tapani Kalmi (Finland)
Jan Madey (Poland)
Viljan Mahnic (Slovenia)
Arsenio Reis (Portugal)
Andres Salu (Estonia)
Robert Sultana (Malta)
Peter Tinson (UK)
Darina Tothova (Slovakia)
Ivan Vrana (Czech Republic)
Hans Dieter Weckmann (Germany)
Christian Zufferey (Switzerland)

Alf Hansen (Norway),Bas Cordewener (Netherlands), Lars Kayser (Denmark), and Gordon Young (Ireland) apologized for their absence.

1. Approval of new Members since last Council meeting in June 2008

The Council formally admitted the following to membership of EUNIS:-

Full Members:

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
Aston University (UK)
HIS Hochschul-Information-Systems GmbH (Germany)
Open University of Catalunya (Spain)
SIGMA Gestion Universitaria (Spain) 
University of Reading (UK)
University of London Computing Centre (UK)
Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)

Total: Full – 134; Corresponding – 4; Corporate – 9

2. Election of five members of EUNIS Board of Directors

Following the changes in Statutes approved in 2008, there would be an additional member of the EUNIS Board of Directors in 2009-10, bringing the total to 11 members. Three Directors completed their three-year terms of office, and Markku Kuula resigned from the Board because he was changing jobs. Thus there was an election to fill five positions on the Board, four for 3 years and one for the remaining 2 years of Markku Kuula’s period of office.

The following 5 persons were elected to the Board:

Elected for three years until 2012:

Pierre Ageron (France)
Gill Ferrell (UK)
Orla Hoppe (Denmark)
Jan Madey (Poland)

Elected for two years until 2011:

Arsenio Reis (Portugal)

(Following the meeting names were drawn from a hat to decide whether each person was elected for 2 or 3 years)


Martin Price
Former EUNIS Executive Secretary