Ramón Grau Sala, SIGMA Gestión Universitaria, SPAIN

Elected to the EUNIS Board of Directors till June 2020.

Ramón has been part of the EUNIS Board of Directors for seven years, being the Secretary for the first two years. Since his election he has been leading the strategy to develop various projects to bring EUNIS closer to the EU. Some of the most well-known projects are Erasmus+, Digital Competence, and Student Mobility.

His objective is to develop the EUNIS’ internationalisation projects cooperating with different partners such as euroCRIS. He keeps on working with CIOs and IT managers have a space where they can collaborate beyond the limits of their institutions and countries. Ramón is backed with the necessary experience, studies, and contacts to make this happen. He is the member of Oporto’s Rectors Conference, he participated in the EUNIS Workshop on Data Protection and IT Security in Berlin, and he is the chair of the EUNIS IT Leaders/CIOs Forum.

Ramón is the General Manager at SIGMA Gestión Universitaria since 2008 and he has an extensive experience working in the Information and Communication Technology sector. He has also been a Board Member and a lecturer at Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona’s Institute of Environmental Science and Technology.

On the professional side, Ramon has held different positions in multinational companies including Atos, Philips, Unilever, and IBM.

He obtained his degree in Computer Science and his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at London School of Economics and Political Science. He obtained his MBA at IESE Business School and his master’s degree in Computer Applications at UAB.

Ramon has also been involved in many projects related to his interests which are Information Technology, education, cross-cultural issues in Higher Education and e-learning.

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