Uwe Huebner (Director of Development and Technology, HIS, Germany): “I’m with HIS eG, which stands for HIS Hochschul-Informations-System eG. In 2014 the “old” HIS was transformed from a state owned organization to a non-profit cooperative (“eingetragene Genossenschaft” – eG), owned mainly by the interested universities (HIS eG currently has 143 owner members and growing). The cooperative has a managing committee, which consists of representatives of universities. The daily work is managed by five directors for different areas of responsibility, my area is development and technology. As for EUNIS I would like to strengthen the exchange not only of ideas and inspiration, but also of more tangible benefits. This can be open source software for our community (a closer and better defined relationship to the Kuali consortion would be a “good thing”). We should support the exchange of arguments about IT not as a cost factor, but as an enabler for certain developments, even if they are as disruptive as the “do it yourself university” concept. In the technology field I would like to support EUNIS staying “on top” of the influential current trends (agile, social, mobile…), which is part of being attractive to the practitioners in the community.”