BM workshop in November 2020

The yearly workshop was in Zoom on November 25, UTC 13-15.

Agenda and speakers:

13.00 BencHEIT survey 
– Opening words Teemu Seesto, FUCIO and Yvonne Kivi, University of Helsinki
– Schedule of round BM2020, Project group

13.10 Peter Bruun Nielsen, Aarhus university, Denmark
Experiences and use of benchmarking at Aarhus University

13.30 Jere Reinikainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Automation and use of robots to collect data

13.50 Sami Ropponen & Sonja Laakkonen, Aalto University, Finland
Reporting and machine learning 

14.10 Leah Lang, EDUCAUSE
Adapting the survey in response to the pandemic, update on Virtual EDUCAUSE conference

14.30 Hans Wohlfarth, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
In search of digitalization indicators

14.50 Discussion about how to evaluate Covid19 experiences 

15.00 Closing words