MOOCs again !

Still writing on MOOCs while, in a previous newsletter, I explained how the term disappeared in the United States? Am I waisting your time (and mine)? Try searching the Educause […]

Smart courses are coming

I few weeks ago, I had the chance to participate to Educause. Great place, great event, great talks but difficult to meet colleagues in such a huge attendance. As usual […]


The following is an adaptation of the blog I wrote for a French Journal, Educpros, in a rush after the events of last Friday. It seems to me very important […]

News from the West of the MOOCs!

Educause is starting next week. I will be there and, like any serious participant, I have started to prepare my schedule. Well, as you know, I am interested by anything […]

The death of the amphitheater

Asserting that it could be replaced by videos distributed via the Web seems to have condemned lecturing from the chair together with the amphitheater. Being pushed in the forefront by […]