EUNIS Student Mobility Special Interest Group pre-Congress workshop ‘Progress Made and Challenges to Beat’ was held on June 4, 2019.

The workshop featured a variety of initiatives and projects that work to establish the optimal exchange of study and student information, internationally. Represented projects and delegates from HEIs shared updates, compare views and work on challenges to realise the benefits.

The workshop objectives were:
– to inform participants about the status and results of the various projects,
– to clarify how HEI’s can engage and enjoy the benefit of available infrastructure and tools
– to better understand and promote the benefits of standardisation and digitisation
– to discuss technical and organisational challenge

Below you’ll find the workshop outputs:

1. EUNIS workshop introduction by Bas Cordewener and Carmen Díaz

Part 1. Erasmus Going Digital. Interoperability challenges and integration

2- ESC – Vision of European commission by Graeme Robertson-Liersch.

3- Erasmus without paper project by Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz.

4- European Student Card by Jean Paul Roumegas; European Student card video.

5- Erasmus without paper – Open Source university Alliance by Luis Valente

Part 2. Advancing towards integrated and digitalized universities

6- EMREX presentation by Jan-Joost Norder

7- ESMO project by Francisco Aragó

8- SEAL project presentation by Francisco Aragó

9- My Academic ID project by Victor Aguilar

10- Open University project by Victor Aguilar

11- About EBP. Block Chain initiatives by Geir Vangen


SWOT Mobility –  a current projects SWOT analysis.